Creative Web Design With Bootstrap

Since its release Bootstrap become a favourite framework for designers and developers for building websites. The popularity of the framework is probably due to the fact that at the rise of the responsive design, Bootstrap offered a consolidated system of responsive elements that make building websites and mockups quickly without much customization.

There was an issue though, many of the websites designed looked very similar. At that time, if you had a look at a couple of websites created with the framework, you will notice the Bootstrap barebones right away. It is because almost everyone followed the underlying structure: big header or huge carousel, regular fixed-to-top navigation, three or four columns for the features and simple forms for contact.

Nevertheless, a lot of time has passed since that time and web designers and developers felt the need of differentiation from the common trend. Many of the creatives used and still using Bootstrap as a structural skeleton for designing website but unleash their creativity to create top-notch unique websites and you will be wondering if the framework is the foundation.

Not going with the flow

In the following selection, you will see 5 creative websites which are taking web design a bit further to show that client’s needs and a couple of great ideas with layout and structure can help you achieve immaculate and unique web presence.


Creative Web Design with Bootstrap - Ode Goods Website

Ode Goods is a website for an artist who has a passion for creating objects which are unique, have meaning and longevity. Eva’s work is direct opposition to the things produced in today’s disposable world as she believes in objects which can be cherished now and for years to come.

Her website uses Bootstrap to provide the “bones” and structure. With creativity and clever ideas Ode Goods’ website has nothing in common with the usual look of the websites created with the popular framework. It also reflects artist’s beliefs in uniqueness in objects as the website itself strikes with personality and timeless design.


Creative Web Design with Bootstrap - Marmo Elite Website

Marmo Elite is a rather unusual company which offers different types of stone – onyxes, granites, marbles… - and they believe that all these stones are works of art created by the nature.

Landing on their website will convince you that this company is unconventional and strives for to offer an exceptional experience to their customers. This is not a typical sell stuff website. And again Bootstrap is used as the foundation. It is a bit hard to believe it, isn’t it?

Anna Morosini

Creative Web Design with Bootstrap - Anna Morosini Website

Anna Morosini is a young Italian photographer from Italy. Entering her website will convince you in her talent and unorthodox approach to photography.

Her website is an absolute reflection to her individuality as a photographer. Using Bootstrap framework to provide the basic grid and structure, it is clean and create presentation of the talented photographer.

House at Khlebny

Creative Web Design with Bootstrap - House at Khlebny Website

This website is truly artistic one and you can barely believe that is Bootstrap based. This full of history architectural masterpiece is presented through a beautiful watercolour paintings together with images from the exquisite interior. The website execution gives the notion of modern features combined with history to offer deluxe living accommodation for future inhabitants.

Smartwatch by Frederique Constant

Creative Web Design with Bootstrap - Smartwatch by Frederique Constant Website

The visual representation of Horological Smarwatch created by Frederique Constant is offering a different experience. By using Bootstrap to give the foundation of structure, the website takes product website design a bit further with layout playfulness. You can barely see a website offering products to be so creative with presenting their products and features and building such an immersive experience.

Be unique and represent what clients are

All clients are different, they have different values, products, services, way of working. The job of a creative designers and developers is simple – offer unique and creative website design to your clients so that it represents their uniqueness and personality. In all five examples you will see five different approaches to web design and one common thing – Bootstrap framework. If you have a look at all five websites, it is more than true that you cannot label them immediately as Bootstrap websites.

Using whatever framework should be easing the design not determining it. Listening to clients, knowing their business and offering them an exclusive solutions based on values and products is what makes web design so great.

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