Designing the Perfect Logo – Is it Possible?

Designing the perfect logo - Is it possible?

The logo is a unique form of communication. It is capable of communicating through color, shape and form with people from different backgrounds, speaking different languages and having different levels of education. Through its simplicity, the logo is a mark which is accessible and instantly understood.

A logo can have its own life, it can remind us of an enjoyable experience. It can suggest pleasure, satisfaction and evoke happy thoughts.

People navigate their lives guided by logos. Just think about your day from the morning till the very evening you go back home.

From the coffee you purchase and the food you order to the clothes you wear and gadgets you use.

Good, well-designed logos and identities are arguably more significant than ever: they can provide brand cohesion across context and technologies. – Paul Middleton

Nowadays, brands are using social media outlets to boost their sales and sell you a type of lifestyle to crave for.

Let’s take Instagram as an example. A social media based purely on images and experiences. Many small and big brands are using it to offer you a unique lifestyle through clothes, bags, shoes, watches, etc...

They use image filters to create dreamy effects and create their products even more desirable and “delicious”.

And guess what, while you are browsing the Instagram feed, logos are being stamped in your brain. They are everywhere. As profile images or stamped on these fine-tuned images of products.

Unconsciously, your brain records and stores the information in your memory. You perceive these images together with the brand logo. And next time you pass a brand store, you cannot help but enter it to get a new pair of shoes or a jacket.

The thing is, you may not remember the image you have seen, but you remember the feeling and the desired experience you were presented with. The logo mark does the job by its simplicity and evokes the desire in your brain.

Creating the perfect logo

A logo is perfect for a brand when it serves it in the best possible way. A logo should be stamp that sticks to people’s minds. The overall identity and experience the brand create will make the logo unforgettable.

Keep it simple

Designing the perfect logo - Keep it simple

You can hear and see this tip everywhere and it is very true. Too complex marks that consist of too many shapes are hard to be recognized and remembered by the brain. A lengthy type based symbol is hard to memorize. Also, typeface that is too decorated makes a type logo hard to read and remember.

All these logos are type based, easy to understand and they stick to the brain.Moreover, all of these brands offer desirable, pleasurable experiences.

A symbol says it all

Designing the perfecto logo - A symbol says it all

Creating a simple symbol to represent the brand without the need of any words is hard. It has to be timeless in a sense that it can change with people and time but the overall contour, shape and silhouette should not change.

The brain perceives the image first as a whole and only after that it registers the details incorporated.

Use negative space if possible

Designing the perfect logo - Use negative space if possible

Some of the internationally well-known logos use incorporate white space to create clever shapes. When the brain started switching between the overall image/mark and later finds the hidden gem in the meaning, it hardly will forget it.

Choose colours which reflect the brand

There are some rules about colour usage which come from the basic colour theory.

They are purely based on how people perceive colours and what kind of emotions they evoke in their minds.

Depending on your brand mission, vision and beliefs the colour of the logo should reflect it, as well as the logo mark itself. The logo also should look pleasant when used in itscolour and monochrome versions.

Designing the perfect logo - Choose colours which reflect the brand

Image via bufferapp

The logo is a key component and essential tool in contemporary communication that guides the user. It provides the consumer with an efficient and quick way to locate and memorize the brand.

The logo design should not be overlooked as it is a part of decision-making processes that govern consumer choices. The connection between the logo and the brand is responsible for creation of new cultures, trends and behaviour.

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